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Livestock and Agriculture Scales and weighing systems in the Central Carolina Scale electronic scale catalog For Farm and Baler Scales click here

Livestock Scale Cardinal LSE


Cardinal Electronic Livestock Scale LSE

Easy top plate access to load cells and bumper bolts. Low profile of 10" tall cuts foundation costs to a minimum. Stainless steel beam cells. Concrete deck design. Requires simple and economical foundation work and is easy to install.

Model LSE Features
Concrete Deck
10" Height
8 Ton CLC
Easy to install
“Legal for Trade”
Easy Access to Load Cells and Bumper Bolts

Runaweigh Washdown Scale


Cardinal Run-A-Weigh Portable Scale

Weighing in at less than 100 pounds and featuring built-in handles and wheels, the Run-A-Weigh is easy to lift and roll to wherever you need it. Whether it’s multiple weighing locations at a single facility or the need to take a scale to special job sites, the Run-A-Weigh gives you true portability.

If you need a general purpose scale, a scale for tough environments, or a scale for washdown applications, Cardinal has the right system for you. We offer enclosures in stainless steel or stainless steel NEMA 4X/IP66.

Designed for weighing “on-the-move,” this portable scale features either the Cardinal 204 or 205 Digital Weight Indicators that can be mounted on the wall or desk for convenient viewing. Setup is simple and quick with the Run-A-Weigh’s self-aligning feet. Heavy-duty construction, large checkered safety plate platform with integral ramps, and the 500 lb or 1,000 lb capacity make this the perfect scale for weighing barrels, drums, and small crates - anywhere!


salter weigh beams 5K portable


WB-5000 - Portable Weigh Beams

This highly portable and unique scale system is designed with simplicity in mind. In just a few minutes the entire scale is setup and ready to weigh. The system includes two 2500 lb capacity weigh beams with built in carry handles. Each Weighbeam has 20' of load cellcable with quick connectors. This scale system is made complete with an NTEP approved, TI-500SL battery/AC powered digital indicator enclosed in a NEMA 4X stainless steel case.

Common applications for this fully portable scale system are under livestock pens, underconveyors, tanks, and hoppers. It is also ideal for long lengths of pipe or other difficult to handle materials. For outdoor systems, choose the Chute Weigh

Standard capacity is 2,500 lb per Weighbeam module with a total system capacity of 5,000 lb.

Roughdeck SLV single animal

*scale shown with optional gates, racks & chutes


RoughDeck SLV Single Animal Livestock Scale


  • Stockyard
  • Livestock Producers
  • Research Farms & Universities
  • 4-H Club

Monitoring the weight of livestock is vital to increasing profits, and accurate, consistent weight data stems from using the appropriate equipment.

The new RoughDeck SLV offers the features of a RoughDeck floor scale–modified for livestock. Its diamond treadplate floor and rigid structural steel frame provide durability, and the side-entry junction box allows for easy access to electronics.

Many states require single animal NTEP certification for live animal weighing, and the SLV is NTEP certified. It comes in standard dimensions of 3' x 8' or 4' x 8' and is ideal for weighing single animals such as sheep, goats, cows, and horses. Scale dimensions can be customized for retrofit applications or unique installations.

Pair your RoughDeck SLV with a Rice Lake Weighing Systems indicator like the IQ plus® 390-DC for convenient battery operation and optional animal weighing program. This proven combination will increase animal throughput with fast, stable weight displays.

wireless weigh beams

Wireless Weigh Beams

This highly durable scale is designed with simplicity and portability in mind. In just a few minutes the entire system can be setup and ready to weigh. The standard system includes two weigh beams both with built-in handles, battery packs and a Bluetooth interface to create a completely cable free experience. A NEMA 4X stainless steel digital indicator with backlight and Bluetooth interface is also included. Choice of basic readout or stainless steel readout.

This fully portable system was designed for livestock weighing - simply install underneath your existing cattle chute. However, the system can also be used under conveyors, tanks or hoppers and in many other weighing applications. Standard capacity is 2,500 lb per beam with a total system capacity of 5,000 lbs. Best of all the unit is completely wireless, utilizing reliable Bluetooth Technology.

awb-5k portable livestock scales




AWB-5K Portable Weigh Beams

These are the finest in the industry both in performance and quality. System includes two complete weighbars, two quick disconnect cables, and one stainless steel indicator with internal battery. These weigh bars are virtually watertight with sealing at the end of the bar as well as the feet. There are quick disconnect steel braided cables on both ends. Most weigh bars have feet that are not very stable, but these have feet that are 6 1/4" galvanized, and can be mounted (if the customer desires) with cement bolts provided. We have been selling weigh bars for years and many feel these are designed the very best. 5000 x 1 pound and lengths available in 25 inches or 40 inches. Easily installed under alleyways, squeeze chutes, platforms, vessels and hoppers.






This system includes (2) Weigh Beams calibrated with digital weight indicator. These are probably the most affordable in the industry. It includes two complete weigh bars with quick disconnect cables, and one indicator with internal battery. Weigh bars include carry handle and small wheel for simple portability functionality. Choice of 5000 or 10,000 pound capacity.

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